Stormsure Clear 5g Glue (3 Pack)

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Stormsure self-adhesive clear glue is an extremely tough, versatile, flexible and waterproof suitable for repairing broken kiteboard kite bladder, valve and sail rip holes. Recommended and particularly useful to outdoor-wear and water sports equipment when used to repair like wetsuits and drysuits, waders, sails, inflatable canoes & kayaks, trampoline mats. An essential super glue for fishermen, divers, wind, kite, board surfers, and sailors.

StormSure Glue is a tough, waterproof, flexible adhesive suitable for bladder, valve and sail repairs. It will stick to virtually any kite material and can form a thick film creating a patch-less repair. Curing time is overnight or leaving it for up to 10 hours, this long curing process gives the glue its long lasting durability. For a quicker curing time, a tiny amount of water can be added to the mixture. It is also flexible when cured, making it much more versatile and durable than your standard super glue.

StormSure Glue is also suitable for repairing cracks in boots, loose soles, leaks in waders, rips in wetsuits, damaged horse rugs, holes in tents and more. Despite having specific traits, it can still be used as an everyday multi-purpose glue for bonding things together such as in woodwork situations.

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