O&E SUP One Piece Leash - World's Strongest Leash

Innovative new one piece moulded core design.
  Description     The one piece moulded leash is the result of several years of thought about how to eliminate the breaking point that occurs in all brands of leashes; where the cord joins the mould around the swivel. Once the concept of what we wanted to achieve was thought out, the obvious conclusion was to mould the cord and encapsulate the swivels at both ends all in one process. We have had the leash in the water for close to year with some of our sponsored surfers, staff and big wave crazies- all giving it a daily test.   Our 30 year old test of tying one end to a post and the other to a tow bar of a car produced the much anticipated result of the leash stretching nearly 50% more than not only other O&E leashes, but of all other brands as well. Also, during early stretch tests we identified some areas where improvements could be made.   Video      
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