Ozone Explore V1

BUILT FOR SIMPLICITY AND EASE OF USE FOR ALL RIDER LEVELS, THE EXPLORE V1 IS THE MASTER OF ACCESSIBILITY. THIS SINGLE SURFACE DESIGN OPENS UP A WORLD OF SNOWKITING OPPORTUNITIES, ALLOWING YOU TO RIDE CONFIDENTLY IN AN INSTANT, ADVENTURE IN NEW TERRAIN AND DISCOVER NATURE’S SNOWY WONDERS. The Explore is powerful for its size and delivers consistent pull throughout the wind window. It de-powers instantly without surging across the middle of the window, and generates minimal upward lift making it very user friendly to learn on. It is comfortable to fly due to the relatively slow flying speed, and the single surface design means it is exceptionally resistant to crash damage. These characteristics make the Explore an amazing kite for entry level and intermediate riders, providing the confidence to progress and improve your Snowkiting skills. For the advanced rider it offers a whole new feeling, opening up new ways of riding and pushing the boundaries. It has versatile handling depending on your ability - tight and dynamic or slow lazy loops, both essential for navigating difficult terrain. Riding down slopes with the kite de-powered up high or to the side allows more concentration on riding and less worry about the kite. For experts on backcountry missions or touring expeditions, the lightweight design means it can fly in very light wind, allowing you to work the low end efficiently without having to worry about keeping the kite in the sky. The single surface design is also ultra compact making it easy to pack multiple kites. When it’s time to take a break or pack away you will find the Explore easy to land as it incorporates our industry-leading Internal Re-Ride Release System. This effective, easy to use, self-landing system means you can land the kite quickly whenever needed and it will remain in an open position ready to be re-launched. We believe the opportunities are endless, what are you waiting for, go Explore!
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