PL Prodigy Spreader bar

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When you are looking for the best of the best, the Prodigy wheel spreader is the spreader of choice.
  Wheel spreaders are spreader bars fitted with a pulley type wheel on the end. When flying a kite with a harness line between the handles, the harness line can easily be hooked it onto the spreader wheel. Apart from steering the kite by pulling the bottom ends of the handles the kite can also be steered by pulling the complete handles, similar to two line kite flying. The wheel is equipped with a set of sealed cartridge style bearings, which makes smooth steering possible. Because it’s easy to hook-in or unhook the harness line during your session, the rider can enjoy unhooked flying but still hook-in when needed. When you are looking for the best of the best, the Prodigy wheel spreader is the spreader of choice. A unique combination of optimum functionality, maximum features, high quality and excellent finishing makes this spreader a true work of art. The front section of the Prodigy can move up and down, move left and right and fully rotate. With this spreader bar the comfort on the rider is phenomenal, as the spreader bar back part is not forced in any direction while riding but stays in a fixed position to the body. The Prodigy spreader is aimed at the competition buggy scene. When needing to go upwind in a buggy race, riders make upwind turns with their buggy. While doing this the flying lines are twisted. The lines can easily be untwisted by spinning the handles. The rotating front section of the Prodigy spins easily to undo any twists in the harness line. The Prodigy features a small plastic tag preventing your line from accidentally unhooking during your ride. Please allow 2-4 weeks delivery on this item.
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Manufacturer Peter Lynn Buggies & Kites
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