At Briskites your sure to find something to suit both your needs and your budget in our great range of Kiteboarding kites. CLICK ON THE BRANDS BELOW TO VIEW KITES
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  1. North 2020 Orbit Kite
    North 2020 Orbit Kite

    From A$1,386.00 Regular Price A$1,540.00

    To A$3,042.00 Regular Price A$3,380.00

  2. 2020 Duotone EVO, BLUE
    2020 Duotone Capa

    From A$2,149.00

    To A$3,648.09 Regular Price A$3,747.99

  3. 2020 Duotone EVO, BLUE
    2020 Duotone EVO

    As low as A$1,213.20 Regular Price A$1,348.00

  4. Ozone Kite Edge V10
    Ozone Edge V10
    Special Price A$1,794.60 Regular Price A$1,994.00
  5. NORTH Carve 2020
    NORTH Carve 2020
    Special Price A$1,242.00 Regular Price A$1,380.00
  6. NORTH Pulse 2020
    NORTH Pulse 2020
    Special Price A$1,422.00 Regular Price A$1,580.00
  7. Duotone Vegas 2020
    Duotone Vegas 2020
    Special Price A$1,601.10 Regular Price A$1,779.00
  8. Duotone Dice 2020
    Duotone Dice 2020
    Special Price A$1,331.10 Regular Price A$1,479.00
  9. Duotone Rebel 2020
    Duotone Rebel 2020
    Special Price A$1,466.10 Regular Price A$1,629.00
  10. Duotone Neo 2020
    2020 Duotone Neo
    Special Price A$1,169.10 Regular Price A$1,299.00
  11. Ozone Alpha V1
    Ozone Alpha V1
    Special Price A$1,079.10 Regular Price A$1,199.00
  12. Chrono V3
    Chrono V3
    Special Price A$2,429.10 Regular Price A$2,699.00
  13. DUOTONE Neo Kite 2019
    DUOTONE Neo Kite 2019
    Special Price A$909.00 Regular Price A$1,399.00
  14. DUOTONE Dice Kite 2019
    DUOTONE Dice Kite 2019
    Special Price A$999.00 Regular Price A$1,399.00
  15. NAISH Pivot 2019
    NAISH Pivot 2019
    Special Price A$929.00 Regular Price A$1,399.00
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