2020 Duotone PRO FISH

The Duotone Pro Fish is brand new to the lineup for 2020 and arose out of the need to have a board that excels in small waves and light wind.

2020 Duotone PRO FISH Directionals - SMALLER WAVE / CLASSIC SURF


  • Modern fish surfboard interpretation
  • Best all-rounder board in the range
  • Incredibly comfortable performance


  • Small wave slayer
  • Carries speed with little kite power
  • Great all-rounder with easy performance


  • Cork Shock Absorber 2.0
  • Light Team Construction
  • Technora deck
  • Carbon beam

The Pro Fish as being a great bridge between the Pro Whip and Pro Wam. It’s shorter and wider than a WAM and not quite as compact as the Whip and obviously also has a completely different outline. It really just works in almost any conditions and is so easy and forgiving to ride. I find I can have fun with this board in knee-high waves all the way up to double overhead. The Pro Wam and Pro Whip are already incredible all-round designs and the Pro Fish just gives us one more option to choose from that is somewhere in the middle and offers a different surfing sensation. 

This board appeals to a wide variety of riders. It’s got a certain look and style… you could call it retro or whatever, which on its own will already appeal to a certain type of kitesurfer. On top of that, it has great performance in a wide variety of conditions from small onshore waves to overhead sideshore down the line conditions. It is incredibly balanced and stable riding through the chop and carries speed really well on the wave even when the kite lines go slack. It’s very forgiving and allows you to make mistakes and easily recover from them.

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length 170
width 50
Manufacturer Duotone
On Sale No
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