Vector Line Sets 75kg x 20m

VECTOR lines are specially designed for precision control in all kite flying disciplines.
VECTOR...the extra edge Strong VECTOR lines are engineered with Dyneema®. Dyneema® is the world's strongest fibre and developed in the laboratories of DSM. Dyneema® is used mainly in bullet-resistant and fragment-resistant protective products and in ropes, nets and sporting goods. This high performance polyethylene fibre is an amazing 15 times stronger than steel. Smooth VECTOR lines extraordinary strength means there is less risk of a line breaking; and because it is so smooth, when lines twist you don't feel the difference. With sport kites your lines are entangled most of the time and must be capable of sliding over each other constantly. Smooth lines are even more important for team flying and four line kites. Reliable VECTOR lines are not only extremely strong, they are also very well protected against weather - and use related influences. The special coating protects against UV light, temperature changes, sand, salt and water. Besides the lines have excellent resistance to abrasion, folding, bending and peak loading. Optimal control VECTOR lines are pre-stretched. The minimal amount of stretch in VECTOR lines allows users to really feel the direct connection with the kite, while having extremely precise control over the kite and improved steering. Thanks to VECTOR lines' strength, kite lines can be thinner, minimizing drag (wind resistance) and allowing kite fliers to fly in lighter winds. With VECTOR lines you can enjoy all the thrills of extreme wind powered sports in the confidence that you have made the best choice of line. Ready to fly VECTOR line can be used right out of the pack. The lines are pre-stretched, of equal length and sleeved. The VECTOR Colour Pro, Quad Pro and Precision series are finished with stitched loops. The stitching guarantees the strongest connection possible. The smooth connections reduce the likelihood of line tangles. Colour code After the braiding process the colour range lines are coloured and PU coated. Besides providing maximum protection, this allows kitefliers to see at a glance which lines are top and bottom, right and left; particularly useful in case of four line kites.
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