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SKU: 2464
Fast Freeride Foil - Designed for intermediate to advanced riders looking for high speed freeride action
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SKU: 2463
X-over Freeride Foil - Designed for improver (capable of making 50m or more foiling runs) to advanced foilers, extremely well suited for transitions, carving, strapless and all round freeriding
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SKU: 2461
Fast and versatile multi-use wing Surf, SUP, wave kiting and extreme light winds
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SKU: 2459
10’0 Regular Coil SUP Longboard Flat Water Knee Leash Lime
SKU: 2456
ION Wetsuit Onyx Element Shorty LS 2/2 Front Zip DL INK BLUE
SKU: 2455
To make your first steps into kitesurfing fun, easy and challenging Peter Lynn built the Skim. The Skim is a 3-line trainerkite that can easily be relaunched even from the water making it perfectly suitable for those body dragging sessions to get used to
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SKU: 2454
The SONIC RACE shows FLYSURFER’s full commitment to kite racing.
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SKU: 2453
$559.00 $499.00
The Composite Series represents finely tuned accessories for kiteboarders of all levels.
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SKU: 2452
$239.00 $129.00
Underwave 'Sultane' Ladies Waist Kite Harness - Last one at Bargain Runout price!
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SKU: 2451
$239.00 $129.00
Prolimit Pure Edge Ladies Waist Kite Harness - Last two at Bargain Runout price!
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SKU: 2449
$259.00 $169.00
The Flight Control is specifically designed with ultimate rider comfort as the number one priority
SKU: 2448
Effortless and accessible, the Naish Ride is a fast favourite among riders of all levels
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SKU: 2447
It’s the next generation of our best selling, high flying 5-foot delta, with a fresh new look and a redesigned wing for extra stability on those days when the wind is gusty or turbulent.
SKU: HVR6surf
Perfecting the trend in shorter/wider/thinner freeride boards, the Hover Titan 120 offers extremely early planing and great all-around freeride performance with minimal effort.
SKU: 2444
Flysurfer Soul. Freeride, Freestyle, Lightwind
SKU: 2442
$2568.00 $2268.00
The North Free Foil and Speedster complete combo package.
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SKU: 2441
$1299.00 $1189.00
The Hybrid is a crossover surf and foilboard. Its shape is inspired by the Whip and works in small to medium size waves.
SKU: 2440
Foil cover to suit any foil up to Naish Surf Large.
SKU: 2439
Naish Tuttle or Deep Tuttle Adaptor with screws.
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SKU: 2438
$719.00 $635.00
Naish Thrust Surf Foil Wing.
SKU: 2437
North Speedster 650 Mast with base plate.
SKU: 2436
Naish Thrust Mast to board Plate
SKU: 2435
$159.00 $155.00
Naish Thrust Mast
SKU: 2434
Chinook Strongbox 10" for centre fin or foilboards.
SKU: HVRsurfpackage
Naish’s new surf foil boards give you a piece of the endless summer by harnessing the power of the ocean.
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