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Not looking for a compromise? Jackson is the first 100% dedicated Foil board from Shinn
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"Mitu rides the same board on flat water, small onshore waves, extreme offshore conditions and just free surfing".
SKU: 2401
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The Pro Surf is a strapless surfboard design, set for thrill-seeking riders wanting a classic shape with a modern twist in Light Team Construction. Best suited from small to medium sized waves.
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Front deck pad:
SKU: 2361
$1149.00 $975.00
Early to plane with fast upwind ability, the 2018 Naish Go-To is the versatile choice for both strapped and strapless kitesurfing.
SKU: 942
$1149.00 $509.00
Our USED North Pro Surf. Has deck installed. One scuff on the rail. Great value.
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A high- performance wave kite that has quick and responsive steering, excellent drift, fantastic low-end power and quick relaunch!
SKU: 2398
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The Naish Drive's Ultra-lightweight 3K Carbon creates a high-tension framework, so shape and flex are never compromised.
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SKU: 2011
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The Pure Air Touring is the more economically priced version of our ever-popular Ray Air. An affordable touring iSUP designed with everyone in mind.
SKU: 2441
$1299.00 $1189.00
The Hybrid is a crossover surf and foilboard. Its shape is inspired by the Whip and works in small to medium size waves.
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One of the best womens boards ever!
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SKU: 2413
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Known for its outstanding drift and consistent pull, the next generation of the Slash features subtle modifications for improved all-around performance.
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SKU: 2171
$1379.00 $919.00
Are you ready for the EVOlution? The best all round kite on the market, now in a three strut format!
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SKU: 2280
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If you love freestyle, but also like to play in the waves from time to time, the DICE is the kite you need in your quiver.
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SKU: 2227
$1399.00 $809.00
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
If the words, “fast” and “intense” are part of your everyday vocabulary, then this is the kite for you. Designed for more engaged riders, the Dash is a powerful performer for any core-kiter with the skills to unlock its strengths.
Bar (includes leash):
SKU: 2287
$1399.00 $1009.00
Predictable power development, direct bar feel, intuitive steering and plenty of “sheet-in-and-go” are just a few characteristics that make the Pivot one of the most sought-after kites on the market.
Bar (includes leash):
SKU: 2108
$1469.00 $979.00
A great fit for beginner up through advanced kiters, the modern shape of the Skater takes directional strapped or strapless riding to new levels in any surf condition.
SKU: 2135
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This is your chance to buy a high-quality board at the best possible price.
SKU: 1936
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The Rebel is the benchmark of a high performance Freeride and Big Air kite impressing everyone from entry level to expert.
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SKU: 2276
$1559.00 $1099.00
If ever there was a kite that needs no introduction it is the Rebel, one of the most popular kites of all time
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SKU: 1993
$1599.00 $1407.00
The Diamond Air Touring is our ladies SUP for those wanting to go on longer adventures and explore. With sweet style and ease of use, this quality gem delivers effortless glide, comfort and lightweight handling.
SKU: 1293
$1599.00 $1449.00
The Ray Air is the inflatable version of our Ray. A cruiser with immense glide it's ideal for touring, exploring and discovering. Get set to paddle into new territories with ease and comfort.
$1699.00 $1499.00
Developed by the Naish team, the Thrust KS 1 Foil is fast and stable, inspiring confidence yet delivering plenty of straight line mojo.
Mast Length:
SKU: 2263
$1699.00 $1400.00
Designed and tested on Maui, the Thrust Surf foil performs amazingly well in an incredible range of waves and conditions. Discover the unlimited possibilities that foiling allows with the new Naish Thrust Surf foil.
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SKU: 2337
$1699.00 $1599.00
With a recessed deck and full rails, the Quest 10’8” delivers great versatility and stability. The longboard-style outline features a single-concave nose, which flows into a double-concave midsection and V tail.
SKU: 1748
$1699.00 $1449.00
Smooth paddling and engaging rails, this women specific design is easy to use and with effortless glide.