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Shinn Model P Foil
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Starboard SUP

Starboard SUP
Some said we were crazy! However, when you view what we’ve already developed 4 years ago, one realizes that what was considered “nuts” then, has now become acceptable shapes and dimensions and some of our best selling models. The border line between crazy and normal is often blurred, a few years down the road, what originally was deemed unconventional is suddenly accepted and becomes mainstream. The future is in lighter boards, with more glide than ever on flat water and better carving in the waves than one could possibly imagine. Check out our Brushed Carbon boards, they will change your perceptions on the effects weight has on performance, in big waves and on flat water. Thanks to a supportive crew and an understanding family, I can paddle to work and work to paddle. Svein Rasmussen
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Stripped down to the core essentials. Built with single layer knitted dropstitch, double rail band and heat welded rails. The new tool-less fin system is quick and easy to set up
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A popular entry-level size, perfect for schools and centres that want 1 board that does it all. Ideal for riders up to 120kg that is faster to turn than the longer sizes, more glide than the shorter size and at an ultra stable width.
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A board built to go somewhere – or rather, anywhere. Narrower width is faster to paddle and easier to track in a straight line. Parallel outline recovers stability lost from the standing area and delivers a more balanced glide. Wider tail outline makes
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The Paddle For Hope is a celebration of life