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ION CS Freeride Harness
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Global Surf Industries

Global Surf Industries
Surfboards are our passion at Global Surf Industries. Since we started our company we have continually worked to develop a complete range of surfboards that starts with basic surfboards that you can learn to surf on as a beginner, all the way through to high performance surfboards for the more experienced that are being ridden at many of the best breaks around the world. This development is an ongoing process, as we are always working on new projects to improve the world of surfing. Global Surf Industries has a company mantra "Life is better when you surf®", we know you will understand our mantra no matter if you just started surfing or have been enjoying it for decades. Everyone at Global Surf Industries lives and breathes this mantra, we all surf as often as we can - we love it. We are focused on continually developing our range of surfboards so all levels of surfers, all over the world can enjoy surfing more and more every day.