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Peter Lynn Buggies & Kites

Peter Lynn Buggies & Kites
Peter Lynn Kites has been making and flying kites since 1973 and are the inventors of the kite buggy.
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SKU: 1603
If you fly your kite on a control bar and would like to hook into a harness the quick release harness line is the accessory you need to upgrade your bar.
SKU: 131
A Neat way to harness the power of a kite without a full on harness!
SKU: 2495
The Cross Boarder is a very affordable trainerkite.
SKU: 1448
The Radical seat harness is designed for optimum comfort while kiting. The Radical has been developed to distribute the load comfortably over the body, no matter where the kite is flying in the wind window.
SKU: 2601
The Hype is the perfect kite for a day out with the whole family. It is incredibly easy to set-up and suitable for all ages and skill levels.
SKU: 662
$152.00 $129.00
When you are looking for the best of the best, the Prodigy wheel spreader is the spreader of choice.
SKU: 163
Choose from a standard 100cm axle or a 140cm Gigastrong axle.
Choose your size:   100cm Standard    140cm Gigastrong (Add $88.00) 
SKU: 1356
The Hype Trainer is the perfect kite for a day out with the whole family. The Hype trainer is the bold brother of the regular Hype. Next to having some cool colours, it is equipped with a control bar instead of straps, giving the kite a tougher overall.
SKU: 860
$219.00 $199.00
4.0 Out Of 5 (4.0 on 1)
The Cross Quattro is a has the same superb price quality ratio as the other kites in the range. The Cross Quattro is a user-friendly and stable kite, ideal for the starting powerkiter who wants to learn kiting with four lines.
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SKU: 2537
The Cross Quattro has the same superb price quality ratio as the other kites in the range.
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SKU: 346
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
Peter Lynn's brand new innovative crossover control bar improves your fixed bridle foil kite's overall turning speed and kite performance.
SKU: 42
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
The perfect trainer kite for anyone who wants to improve their kiteflying skills to get into kiteboarding, landboarding and/or snowkiting.
SKU: 2455
To make your first steps into kitesurfing fun, easy and challenging Peter Lynn built the Skim. The Skim is a 3-line trainerkite that can easily be relaunched even from the water making it perfectly suitable for those body dragging sessions to get used to
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SKU: 2381
The Kicker is a well designed board that can handle both downhill boarding and freestyle kite-landboarding. Available with 8 inch wheels.
SKU: 2410
The Peter Lynn Rally replaces the famous XR+ design and remains a true ‘all purpose’ buggy.
SKU: 554
The Peter Lynn Charger is the new high performance Twinskin kite from Peter Lynn Kiteboarding for all-terrain!
Bar & Lines:
SKU: 1098
The Peter Lynn Phantom 2012 features all of the characteristics that made the original Phantom one of the most unique, recognizable and loved Twinskin kites to date, adding all the innovations the Peter Lynn Twinskin range has undergone in the past decade
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