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SUP bags & accessories

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SKU: 1255
The Puka Patch instantly seals dings on surfboards, SUPs, kayaks and other personal watercraft!
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SKU: 2548
O&E UV Solarcure Resin Epoxy - Seals dings and cracks on SUPs, kayaks and other personal watercraft with an epoxy finish. Sets using the U.V of the Sun!
SKU: 1168
High quality blade bag with 6mm protection foam inside
SKU: 2115
Tie Down straps with Silicone Cam Cover are a great way to secure your load. The silicone cam cover protects your car from the rugged metal cam.
SKU: 1136
The perfect leash for those who need a leash but don't want the drag.
SKU: 1479
$54.00 $47.00
ION Padded Paddle Bag FREE Shipping in Aus
SKU: 1326
Functional waist-bellt to carry 2 drinking bottles, your phone and car-keys.
SKU: 744
Excellent accessory to protect your paddle whilst stored or commuting. Fits one paddle and adjusts to fit paddle length.
SKU: 1623
Heavy duty SUP rail protection tape.
SKU: 2114
Coming from the legacy of our Big River dry bags, we shaped a dry bag expressly for use on stand-up paddle board decks.
SKU: 1327
iON BOARD KIT comes with Board Mount, Fix Screw, Cam Locker Slot (board), Secure Piece (board), Adhesive and a Silicon Skin.
SKU: 1328
Use the iON Remote to control your iON Air Pro wirelessly.
SKU: 1482
Freedom of movement, Adjustable tube
SKU: 2117
Rugged & Waterproof. IP67 waterproof, floating and rugged drop proof design. Universal attachment point for attaching ECOXGEAR suction cup or handlebar mount.
SKU: 772
Love your boards? Lock your boards with these stainless steel reinforced board tie-downs form Kanulock. FREE SHIPPING IN AUSTRALIA
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SKU: 1413
Padded rax designed to carry combinations of SUP, surfboards, snowboards, skis & other loads.
SKU: 1023
SUP Deck mounted bag.
SKU: 1319
Soft removable SUP roofracks
SKU: 2085
The XT SUP Cart is designed to transport large SUP boards and constructed using high quality engineering plastics to increase durability.
SKU: 2200
SUP trolley with aluminum frame. Transports boards on rail for easy navigation through tight spaces
SKU: 1749
Perfect for the SUP enthusiast who needs to transport multiple sticks at a time.
SKU: 2107
Powerful 12v Turbo HP Pump has a two-stage motor for quick inflation and high pressure capability up to 20psi (1,4 bar).
SKU: 1290
SUP Cart with Heavy Duty aluminum frame, marine grade anodized. Transports boards on rail for easy navigation through tight spaces