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Runout, Ex-Demo & Used gear

Runout, Ex-Demo & Used gear
Quality Runout, Ex-Demo & Used kitesurf gear from Briskites. Items are all new unless stated in the product description.
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SKU: 2421
Ex-Demo Naish Apex II Bindings 2017.
SKU: 2094
Awesome cheapie used Airush Kiteboard. Great for beginners just starting out in the sport.
SKU: 2407
(USED) JL Prima Donna 15m2
SKU: 2376
The North Rebel has been an extremely popular kite and for 2013 it remains a 5-line 5-strut mid/high-aspect kite.
SKU: 2281
(USED) OZONE REO 12m2 Kite and Bar/Lines
SKU: fs-boost_used
Feel the unstoppable dynamic force of an IKA registered racing machine. Experience quick turning speed, explosive lift, incredible hang-time, amazing upwind ability and forward speed.
SKU: 2406
The 2018 generation of the Dice is the most progressive three strut kite on the market, offering everything you need for progressive freestyle and wave riding
SKU: 1908
Ex-Demo Naish 'DASH' 10m2 - No tears or rips in excellent condition. Suit new kite buyer. Kite and Bag only
SKU: 942
$1149.00 $509.00
Our USED North Pro Surf. Has deck installed. One scuff on the rail. Great value.
SKU: 2553
(USED) OZONE Enduro 12m2 Kite and Bar/Lines
$1699.00 $999.00
Used foil complete. General wear, no damage. Comes with 70cm mast
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