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Lines and accessories

Lines and accessories
Linesets, tails, DVD's, straps and wind meters
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SKU: 618
Large Neon line winders packed with features.
SKU: 941
Hang them on a line or attach them to a kite.
SKU: 466
HQ standard 1" wide wrist straps
SKU: 1625
Large Neon line winders packed with features.
SKU: 188
Our Duos straps give you sensitivity and fingertip control for the most advanced maneuvers.
SKU: 189
Padded wrist straps for holding powerful kites.
SKU: 102
"Freestyle Pilot", produced by Prism Designs, is an instructional DVD that showcases advanced flying techniques for sport kites.
SKU: 569
Very robust tube tail for line laundry and sport kites.
SKU: 698
100% pure braided Spectra fiber for low stretch and quick response. Precision measured and sleeved, color-coded with flight straps and winder.
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SKU: 427
Finally! A handy selection of the things you need to perform common field repairs on most stunt kites.
SKU: 1228
VECTOR lines are specially designed for precision control in all kite flying disciplines.
SKU: 2286
The 75-foot Tube Tail is black/white striped with a neon yellow tip for a mesmerising show in the sky.
SKU: 413
LPG are #1 in competition sport kite lines.
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SKU: 1470
$115.00 $75.00
The Skywatch Windoo is the new accessory for your smartphone.
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