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Duotone Jaime Textreme 2019
$1399.00 $1210.00


Briskites stock only Ground Industries Mountainboards. GI leads the world in development of top of the line boards with both performance and value to match.
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SKU: 2081
With 12mm axles and a 7mm composite deck the Raid Assassin can't be beat for performance and value.
SKU: 2381
The Kicker is a well designed board that can handle both downhill boarding and freestyle kite-landboarding. Available with 8 inch wheels.
SKU: 2372
The KHEO Flyer ATB board is super light which makes it the perfect board for speed freaks. Go fast. Ride hard. Available with 9 inch wheels.
SKU: 2373
Sturdy and stable, this landboard "Thief" features striking graphics! It is very comfortable and responsive and offers an excellent control for landkite, free-ride and downhill.