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2018 Naish Pivot
$1399.00 $1009.00
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SKU: 616
Perfectly stable and forgiving for new pilots, the Jive III is a high performance sport kite you will never outgrow 196cm Wing Span
SKU: 384
$179.00 $159.00
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
Designed by Bell Chiu, manufactured by Flying Wings. By changing out the stand-offs you can go from MILD to WILD
SKU: 787
The next evolution in Silver Fox family of kites.
SKU: 31
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
For anyone ready to do more with sport kites, the Hypnotist is the perfect introduction to freestyle tricks.
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SKU: 1347
Duende is a small size tricks kite with unparalleled agility and control . It is highly recommended for pilot who seeks for ultimate tricks and pushes trick flying envelops. Advanced action such as Taz Machine can be easily done on this unique trick kite.
SKU: 47
$269.00 $199.00
Looking for high end freestyle trick performance and top notch quality at an affordable price? Look no farther. Flying Wings has packed the new Soul with lots of innovative and thoughtful features and are producing the kite in small batches.
SKU: 332
The long-awaited successor to the beloved E2, the E3 continues the tradition as the ultimate package for pilots ready to take the next step into freestyle tricks.
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SKU: 726
The New Sky Burner Ocius is a midsize kite that does all the new tricks, and without sacrificing tracking.