Naish Hover Wake Foilboard 2020

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Whether you are wake foiling, wake surfing, foil surfing, foil kiting or kitesurfing, if there's a wave, the Naish 2020 Hover Wake can ride it.
NAISH Hover Wake Foiling 2020 / Multi-Sport Platform WHO'S IT FOR? The foiler who wants one board for everything and the wake-surfer that wants the ultimate wake surf and wake foil board combo. WHAT DOES IT DO? Everything! Wake surf, wake foil, foil surf, foil kite, kitesurf. WHY IS IT UNIQUE? No other board matches the Hover Wake's range of use even on the second or third wake when foiling. FEATURES Thruster Fin Setup Fast Rocker Line Flat Under the Foil Kick in the Tail Compact, Balance, Outline - Not too Eggy Perfect Buoyancy CNC Shape Lightweight Durafinish Finish (2) 10" US Boxes Footstrap Inserts Whether you are wake foiling, wake surfing, foil surfing, foil kiting or kitesurfing, if there's a wave, the Hover Wake 4'6" and 5'0" can ride it. Designed initially with wake surfing and foiling in mind, the Hover Wakesurf has the ideal outline, volume, and rocker for performance wake surfing. Adding another dimension to the behind-the-boat experience attaching any of the Naish Jet foil sets to the two 10" US-Box track system allows users to rise above the water's surface and wake foil and opens the possibility of riding the second and third wakes. Wake foiling also eliminates the need for glassy waters, making choppy afternoons butter smooth Built with a strong, yet light, double bamboo sandwich with multiple footstrap inserts and provided thruster fin set, the Hover Wakesurf also opens the door to riding possibilities beyond the boat. Experienced foil surfers will appreciate its nimble handling. Kiteboarders have also latched on to the Hover Wakesurf as a do-it-all board for strapped/strapless kitesurfing and foiling kiting. At first sight, it's clear the Hover Wakesurf has the potential for massive amounts of fun on the water no matter what the situation.
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length 155
width 50
Manufacturer Naish
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