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SUP Fins

SUP Fins
SUP fins, both surf and race. Futures fins etc.
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SKU: 2192
Our 7" Aero composite Single fin featuring Dimple Technology is an awesome affordable Entry level fin.
SKU: 1392
The JC01 Signature template is designed for progessive surfing and stand up paddle boarding.
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SKU: 2194
The NEW 2+1 FASTLIGHT featuring Dimple Technology. Our new FASTLIGHT glass layup is Lighter with a smoother flex pattern.
SKU: 1393
The Shapers Jackson Close Box Fin(with FCS Side Fins) is designed to take Longboarding and SUP surfing to a new level.
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SKU: 2193
Giorgio Gomez is fast becoming recognized in the SURF/SUP world as a major new innovator. Recently credited as pulling off the first air reverse on a SUP.
SKU: 2306
Fanatic’s surf and SUP paddleboard foil
SKU: 2264
$1799.00 $1199.00
Designed and tested on Maui, the Thrust Surf foil performs amazingly well in an incredible range of waves and conditions. Discover the unlimited possibilities that foiling allows with the new Naish Thrust Surf foil.