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Parts and Accessories
Spare parts, safety gear and more
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SKU: 549
Valve for Aluminum rim
SKU: 550
Use 20mm bearings with a 12mm or 15mm axle. Sold in pairs.
Choose Size:   12mm    15mm 
SKU: 756
The Name says it all...
SKU: 357
HQ Quad Handles
SKU: 1603
If you fly your kite on a control bar and would like to hook into a harness the quick release harness line is the accessory you need to upgrade your bar.
SKU: 131
A Neat way to harness the power of a kite without a full on harness!
SKU: 442
Pads and covers to fit your buggy side-rail
SKU: 1327
iON BOARD KIT comes with Board Mount, Fix Screw, Cam Locker Slot (board), Secure Piece (board), Adhesive and a Silicon Skin.
SKU: 1328
Use the iON Remote to control your iON Air Pro wirelessly.
SKU: 336
$105.00 $80.00
4.0 Out Of 5 (4.0 on 1)
The Libre harness has minimal padding which allows you movement and to feel the buggy seat.
SKU: 622
The wind can always change during the session, that’s why you always want your full range of kites available when going for a buggy ride. Why not take your set of kites with you when riding?
SKU: 306
The Name says it all...
SKU: 136
Designed specifically for buggy use these harnesses allow you to hold more power in the buggy. Extra padding on the sides to prevent sore hips. No seat padding allows you to feel the seat and sit lower in the buggy
SKU: 1448
The Radical seat harness is designed for optimum comfort while kiting. The Radical has been developed to distribute the load comfortably over the body, no matter where the kite is flying in the wind window.
SKU: 138
$140.00 $120.00
COMBAT Power Kite lines High performance kite line manufactured from a high-tech fibre.
SKU: 662
$152.00 $129.00
When you are looking for the best of the best, the Prodigy wheel spreader is the spreader of choice.
SKU: 163
Choose from a standard 100cm axle or a 140cm Gigastrong axle.
Choose your size:   100cm Standard    140cm Gigastrong (Add $88.00) 
SKU: 443
$299.00 $129.00
For the budding buggy freestyler
SKU: 877
S2 Sysmic fork in Stainless steel