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Naish Mana 10' GS 2019
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North Kite Spares

North Kite Spares
Your source for all North Kiteboarding spare and replacement parts
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SKU: 881
Allows the rider to hook up suicide whilst still allowing the chicken loop safety to deploy whilst hooked in.
SKU: 2827
2020 North Line Connectors Set of 4 Colours: 999 Multiple Colour Sizes: O/S
SKU: 1612
North Center Bar Insert 2014, 2015
SKU: 690
The Sliding Stopper and the Stopper Ball permit you to adjust the depower lines on the water.
SKU: 2639
Naish Pulley Travel Bridle Line (Pair)
SKU: 2384
North De-power Line. For North Kites 2013 onwards.
SKU: 2385
North Red Safety Line for Quad Control Bar
SKU: 695
North De-power Line w/ Allen Key. For North Kites 2013 onwards.
SKU: 880
The Vario Cleat is a multi-functional depower device. It evolved from the first depower device on the kiteboarding market that allows you to adjust both the length of the depower line and the position of the depower system.
SKU: 2631
The Rope Harness Kit presents a small chicken loop with a metal plate and a short leash.
SKU: 2542
The Freestyle Kit for the Duotone bars. A standard loop for riding hooked or unhooked.
SKU: 2556
The Iron Heart redefines the benchmark for safety.
SKU: 1596
Genuine North LE Bladders to fit North kites.
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SKU: 2557
The Iron Heart redefines the benchmark for safety.