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Duotone Speedster Combo
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Kite accessories and spares

Kite accessories and spares
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SKU: 2846
Our Toolless Interchangeable Harness Loops come in four sizes for different disciplines (Long Freestyle Loop, Short Freeride Loop, Slide Surf Loop).
SKU: 2896
The Mystic Kite Safety Leash has a new, unique look and is made from the best and lightest materials. Featuring a double carabiner with a swivel that can handle up to 1100 kg. Very versatile kite leash with a striking look!
SKU: 2845
2020 North Connect Quick Release (Standard)
SKU: 2618
24m Kitesurf line set with additional 3m extensions included.
SKU: 2584
Ozone Click-In Loop + De-Power Line for Contact Bar V4 Water/Foil