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Kite accessories and spares

Kite accessories and spares
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SKU: 778
Amsteel rope
Choose diameter:
SKU: 2467
Pump hose adapter to suit North & Core kites
SKU: 220
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
This PSI Gauge will give you an accurate reading allowing you to pump your kite to specifications. Fits newer style pumps.
SKU: 2174
The PKS HD Replacement Pump Hose will fit most any Kite/SUP pump out there (New and Old).
SKU: 2134
Ozone Contact Bar Flag Out Safety Line
SKU: 2617
Replacement Leverbuckle for ION Harness
SKU: 1230
Spreader bar lock tube/chicken bone is great because it can work with any spreader bar! This lock tube functions the same as lock tubes that come standard with most modern bar setups.
SKU: 1229
This kit has all your replacement pieces for a one-pump system with external hoses
:   3 strut kit    5 strut kit (Add $5.00) 
SKU: 2566
Ozone Flagout Ring with Swivel
SKU: 2366
Replacement attachment point pigtails. Universal-can be used as kook proof knot or loop. COLOURS MAY VARY.
SKU: 714
For anyone tired of going through pulleys and the danger of failing pulleys, this is the ticket.
SKU: 2610
The fully sealed case offers an added layer of protection for your WOO in the harshest conditions.
SKU: 1874
Ozone Short Safety Leash
SKU: 1190
Kook-Proof Pigtail Sets are complete 8-piece sets
SKU: 700
Weight and size optimised bag for the kite to save space and weight on your trip
SKU: 1678
ProKiteSurf Slider-Release Leashes are high quality, fully releasable under load, built with high-strength webbing and removable stainless clips.
SKU: 1353
The new PKS Strut Mount for GoPros was designed by Jeff Howard with PKS Distribution to give a very cost-effective way to get your GoPro mounted on a kite strut for those amazing overhead shots as you can see in the video and photos.
SKU: 2333
Strong and long leash for unhooking.
SKU: 2897
This Mystic Kite leash short is very suitable for beginners and freeride/wave kiters. A very versatile kite leash with a striking look! Also very suitable for beginners.
SKU: 1744
Setting the new standard in quality and user features the new Naish Airmax kite pump won't let you down. FREE SHIPPING in AUS
SKU: 1809
Duotone Kite Pump Large - Free Shipping
SKU: 2794
Double Action Kite Pump with a tall body, high-airflow piston and single/double action switch for faster, easier inflation.
Size Options:
SKU: 2363
Duotone Kite Pump in XL size
SKU: 641
Kitesurf extension lines.
SKU: 2224
$79.95 $69.95
Highest quality single surfboardboard bag from ION