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Fanatic Rapid Air
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Frames and Parts

Frames and Parts
Kite frames, rods and spare parts
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SKU: 944
Spare parts to suit Prism Nexus and Jazz
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SKU: 859
Spare parts to suit Prism Quantum or Hypnotist
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SKU: 84
These pultruded rods are commonly used in European kites.
SKU: 2395
The bridle is the name for the collection of lines (stitched, sewn and tied together to exacting dimensions)
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SKU: 402
Replacement Stand-offs, sold as a pair.
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SKU: 440
Replacement Leading Edge rods for all Revolution kites
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SKU: 1784
Flying handles for quad line stunt kites.
SKU: 2645
Complete frame sets for Revolution kites
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