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ION CS Hadlow Harness
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Flysurfer Kites

Flysurfer Kites
The name FLYSURFER continues to stand for innovation and straightforwardness. Customer satisfaction is the main goal during our quest to push the limits even further. In the kite surfing world, FLYSURFER has become the synonym for the bridled ramair kite system in just a few years. From the beginning, FLYSURFER has fought for its own path, away from the other worn-out ones. Although that certainly wasnt the easiest way to go, it has proven itself to be the right one. The constant increase of demand for FLYSURFER high-end products motivates us to continue following that path.
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The intelligently designed storage space provides space for your essentials: kite, bar, pump, laptop, smartphone, magazines or textbooks as well as your clothes!
SKU: fs-p
Our single-skin foilkite concept combines our passion for usability and security that will make your outdoor kite experience unforgettable.
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SKU: 2652
Best grip, robust security, high-quality lines, endless rotations and multiple possibilites for individual adjustments.
SKU: fs-Viron
Maximise your learning curve with this unique de-power foil kite concept allowing you to quickly build trust. Comes with pre-installed fully-featured CONNECT Control Bar
SKU: fs-boost_3
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BOOST3 Lift Your Game
SKU: fs-stoke
The STOKE is explosive, versatile and dynamic. This all rounder offers sporty performance, reacting fast to rider inputs.
SKU: 2444
Flysurfer Soul. Freeride, Freestyle, Lightwind
SKU: 1977
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
The SONIC2 embodies our vision of a modern, highly advanced racing wing.
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SKU: 2454
The SONIC RACE shows FLYSURFER’s full commitment to kite racing.
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SKU: 2533
FLYSURFER introduces the SONIC Race VMG to the market, with this kite we go into the next level of performance, designed to be used for “open class” kite racing disciplines. Contact us for pricing
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