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Flying wonders and 3D kites

Flying wonders and 3D kites
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SKU: 938
$24.95 $17.95
A stunning new butterfly kite from HQ invento. Brilliant Ruby, Emerald or Swallowtail (yellow) colour patterns that look true to nature.
SKU: 2278
These awesome flying creatures fly with the greatest of ease. Perfectly handmade design, outstanding quality and extremly beautiful.
SKU: 1207
Children will be thrilled by our Crazy Flapping Kites that provide loads of fun at any time. Unlike ordinary children kites, the motion effects of these flying creatures will keep children entertained for hours.
SKU: 1816
A great looking kite that looks stunningly attractive when flying and is great for all the family. The colours on this kite are vivid and tasteful apealing to children of all ages
SKU: 1346
$64.00 $44.00
This adorable, yet a bit naughty, 3-D critter is absolutely easy to fly and no small parts to lose.
SKU: 1180
Emong is a revolutionary concept kite with an unique structure inspired by the Limulus. Its graceful shape and fluid gliding motion enhances the serenity, and elevates the visual and spiritual enjoyment.
SKU: 1848
$85.00 $79.00
Big impressive flapping Bat kite.
SKU: 1917
Grace has a unique dual sails with an air foil profile which enables extensive gliding capability. It can be flown in blustery winds with ease and glides in windless conditions with Grace.
SKU: 1891
This incredible 3D Dinosaur kite combines magnificent and realistic looking graphics with amazing flight performance.
SKU: 785
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
Laima, the latest creation of Bells single line gliding kite series.
SKU: 710
Cheeky looking Vamp Devil with a 9 Foot wingspan and cool 3D tail.