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Naish Thrust Windsurf Foil
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Accessories and Spares

Accessories and Spares
Lines, handles and more...
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SKU: 756
The Name says it all...
SKU: 357
HQ Quad Handles
SKU: 1603
If you fly your kite on a control bar and would like to hook into a harness the quick release harness line is the accessory you need to upgrade your bar.
SKU: 131
A Neat way to harness the power of a kite without a full on harness!
SKU: 336
$105.00 $80.00
4.0 Out Of 5 (4.0 on 1)
The Libre harness has minimal padding which allows you movement and to feel the buggy seat.
SKU: 2905
All Revolution line sets are made with Laser Pro Gold, the finest kite line you can get and come with a winder.
SKU: 306
The Name says it all...
SKU: 138
$140.00 $120.00
COMBAT Power Kite lines High performance kite line manufactured from a high-tech fibre.
SKU: 346
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
Peter Lynn's brand new innovative crossover control bar improves your fixed bridle foil kite's overall turning speed and kite performance.